How to Store Food Bought in Bulk

If you are looking for ways to save money on your food bill, then you might want to consider buying in bulk. Bulk foods¬†are much cheaper and will save you lots of money. The problem is what to do with them and how to store them. It doesn’t make any sense buying food in bulk only to have it go bad in a few months. Read on to learn some easy and affordable ways to use Vacuum Sealers & Storage that will help you store your food.

Use Airtight Containers To Store Your Bulk Food

If you have a pantry or other dark and cool place where you can store your food, you can start using airtight Vacuum Sealers & Storagecontainers to store your bulk food. You can use the containers for storing flour, grains, cereal and other bulk food that you want to store. Make sure to keep the containers in the dark and keep them cool. You can keep bulk foods indefinitely with this method.

Keep Your Bulk Food In The Refrigerator

If you have a big refrigerator or an extra refrigerator, you can store your bulk food in the refrigerator or freezer. This is a great way of storing bulk food if you have the room for it. You can use your freezer for storing meat and vegetables. Grains and flour can be stored in the refrigerator. The only downside of using an extra freezer or refrigerator is that you have to pay for the extra electricity to keep it running and that can add up.

Using cold storage for your bulk food is a good way to keep them fresh so you can take your time using them. Freezing can be especially effective and can keep food fresh indefinitely. When you use cold storage, make sure to write down the date that you store the food and make sure you know how long you can safely store it.

Use A Vacuum Sealer To Keep Your Bulk Food Fresh

If you don’t want to store your food in containers or freeze it, you can use a vacuum sealer to keep your bulk food fresh for an indefinite period. Vacuum sealing is an ideal way to store bulk food. It is cheap, effective and keeps your food fresh for much longer than any of the other methods. You don’t have to worry about freezer burn or bugs invading your bulk food.

A vacuum sealer works by removing all the air out of your food. This prevents the spoilage process because air is what makes your food go bad. You can keep bulk food for years this way. You won’t have to worry about bugs either when you use a vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealing your food is affordable, and it works.

If you want to make the most of your food budget, buy food in bulk and then store it. Use a vacuum sealer or any other method to keep your bulk food fresh, so you can enjoy it all year round.


Kitchen Soak Tanks Can Save Time and Money

The happy, well-fed customers who visit the publically-accessible parts of your restaurant or club have only the vaguest idea of what goes on in the kitchen. They’d likely be shocked by just how much time your staff has to spend cleaning. If you’d like to cut down on that amount of time – and improve your kitchen’s overall cleanliness – then Kitchen Soak Tanks are well worth your consideration.

How Soak Tanks Work

Kitchen Soak Tanks

A soak tank is an innovative way to streamline your kitchen cleaning process and cut down on the time and labor involved in cleaning all sorts of metal containers. Soak tanks let your immense pots, trays, grills, baskets, and even hood filters in a sealed water tank. Waterproof heating elements take the tanks up to 85 degrees Celsius for several hours, allowing environmentally-friendly cleaning agents to break down even the toughest grease and carbon.

Soak tanks are the next-generation solution to keeping the hardest-working equipment in your kitchen clean. They save on labor, extend the life of many different valuable types of equipment, and reduce your overall costs significantly. They’ll also help to get rid of the bottleneck in the workflow of your kitchen staff that time-consuming cleaning procedures often cause.

Advantages Of Soak Tanks

Some of the benefits of using a soak tank have already been noted above. To expand further on the subject, you’re likely quite familiar with the fact that pot scrubbing is one of the most loathed, labor-intensive, and time-consuming jobs in the kitchen. Soak tanks use technology to replace elbow grease, doing the job faster, cheaper, and more effectively.

Besides saving you money immediately by reducing labor costs (and boosting morale), soak tanks will also save you in the long term. By keeping a lot of valuable equipment cleaner than ever before, you can dramatically extend its overall lifetime and reduce the frequency of which you require replacements. Equipment that’s cleaned more frequently and thoroughly will also deliver better results throughout its extended lifetime.

Purchase Vs. Rental

Like most dependable pieces of commercial-grade kitchen equipment, soak tanks aren’t cheap. If you’d like to minimize the cost of installing one in your kitchen – or simply try one out before committing to an expensive purchase – you may be able to rent one on a monthly basis. Most vendors who offer this service also integrate regular service so that your maintenance and restocking requirements are virtually nonexistent.

Of course, once you’re convinced of the benefits of soak tanks, you’ll likely be ready to invest in buying one of these powerful cleaning tools for your kitchen. You’ll find that despite the relative novelty of soak tank technology, the equipment produced by most manufacturers is already incredibly robust. Useful, trouble-free lifespans of ten years or more are the rule rather than the exception. This ensures that you’ll get your money’s worth out of a purchased soak tank.

There are few commercial kitchens that wouldn’t benefit from the installation of a soak tank. They’re available in many different sizes and capacities, and installation and training are a snap. Why not step up to a higher standard of cleanliness today?


Sous Vide Cooking Benefits

Sous vide a method of cooking that has been utilized by a lot of the best chefs for a long time. Now that it is affordable and readily available to homeowners everywhere, it is a likely time to understand the many benefits that this method of cooking can provide to home chefs everywhere. In this article, we will be going over some of the significant benefits of this way of cooking “sous vide” style.

Benefits of Sous Vide:

1. Foolproof.

This method of cooking is one of the most simple and foolproof methods that you will find. Even a complete cooking novice will be able to achieve excellent results with this method of cooking every single time. With a device that allows for this method of cooking whether it be a Sous Vide stick or pan, you simply set the temperature to your cooking desired amount and drop the food into a vacuum sealed pouch and wait until it’s done. That is all you will need to do to cook utilizing this method.

2. Enhanced Flavors.

Another benefit that comes from this method of cooking is the ability to experience enhanced flavors. Because you are going to be cooking the food that you are cooking to a perfect temperature each and every time throughout, you are going to avoid overcooking the meat or whatever else which is going to allow you to capture the best flavor. Not to mention, by cooking meat in it’s own natural juices, you will be able to fully enhance the natural flavors on their own. Whereas, with a lot of other methods of cooking meat, the meat will lose and not retain it’s natural juices.

3. Save Time.

Another benefit that comes from this method of cooking is the ability to save a lot of time. Because it simply takes a few minutes on hand to really vacuum seal and prepare the food for cooking, all you will need to do is simply set the temperature on the Sous Vide device and place the food into the water bath. That is all you have to do to prepare food using this device.

As you can see, there are plenty of different benefits of this particular device. It is going to allow you to cook meat, vegetables, or whatever perfectly every single time without having to constantly monitor the food.